Zute SIP Dialer

Zute SIP Dialers are available on iOS and Android platforms. Zute SIP Dialers enables VoIP service providers to deliver feature-rich international VoIP calling services to their subscribers. Zute SIP Dialer is optimized to increase the quality and delivery of voice so that your customers hear solid and clear voice. Using Zute SIP Dialer, you can offer your subscribers VoIP International calling service.

In combination with Zute Byte Saver (server side software), your subscribers can used Zute SIP Dialers even in SIP blocked region. Not only that, Zute Byte Saver empowers Zute SIP Dialer to make calls with low bandwidth mobile or data connection. Zute Bye Saver compresses the voice data by upto 60%.

Following are 4 variants of Zute SIP Dialer

  • Zute PIN-less dialer or Zute Call through dialer
  • Zute SIP Dialer
  • Zute hybrid dialer – SIP & WebRTC
  • Zute Dialer Plus – Works in SIP Blocked region

Key Features of Zute SIP Dialer


100% white-labelled and customizable as per business requirement

In-app registration through mobile no (similar to whatsapp or viber)

SMS authentication of mobile no

Contact SYNC – to show who else is registered on app (Free list)

IM / Chat (for app to app users using WebRTC protocol)

App-to-app audio and video calls (Using SIP or WebRTC protocol)

Balance display

Top-up using credit card or voucher

Works in SIP Blocked region (Built-in tunneling)

Secured audio calling (Using SRTP / ZRTP)

Zute SIP Dialer Implementation

  • Our solution (www.zutesipdialer.com) is used by Bahrain’s biggest VoIP company, Kalaam telecommunication for mobile app telephony (VoIP); 100,000+ downloads in short duration of 5 month
  • Our SIP Dialer App is installed as a default app in factory manufactured android phone self-branded by holamovil
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