VoIP stands for Voice Over IP. It is even referred as Internet telephony or IP telephony. VoIP is used for making cheap international calls. If you have used applications such as Skype or Whatsapp or Viber or Zute SIP Dialer or Zoro.im any other audio or video calling applications on your mobile or computer, you are a beneficiary of VoIP technology. VoIP technology is also used to terminate calls to mobile or landline number. Usage of VoIP is legal in most countries, however in few countries VoIP is blocked. Calling cards are very popular in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, China and several other countries. Calling cards use VoIP technology to make cheap domestic and international calls.

JPC Technologies has worked with several VoIP companies based in USA, Canada, South America, Europe and GCC (Gulf countries). We are involved in developing Bespoke Web Applications, Enterprise Applications, bespoke web portals and Mobile Applications that works on B2B, B2C, or B2B2C business models. These platforms are at the core of VoIP functioning. Overtime we have gained strong functional and technical expertise of VoIP industry and VoIP technologies.


VoIP Switch Setup

VoIP Switch setup, hosting, customization and support

We have experience of working on Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Cisco, PortaOne, VoIPSwitch, Bridge2Call, IPsmarx, and other proprietary switches. Contact us to know how we can support your VoIP architecture. We will take your IT burden so that you can focus on growing your VoIP business. Consider us as your extended IT team.
A Lot of VoIP companies prefer hosted platforms, we do host the platforms at our end and provide VoIP companies a fully hosted platform with 24 x 7 technical support.

VoIP Platform development

VoIP Platform development that works on B2B, B2C, B2B2C business models

We have strong experience of developing and supporting VoIP platforms that supports B2B, B2C, B2B2C business models. We have developed platforms that are stable, scalable and can handle huge amount of transactions concurrently. Because we have gained strong functional expertise of VoIP industry, we get involved in requirement gathering phase and also advise our clients on best practices followed in VoIP industry. It is easier for VoIP customer to work with us because we understand VoIP domain and speak in same language.

Bespoke web applications

Bespoke web applications, Enterprise applications and Mobile applications

There are a lot of ready-solutions available in market for VoIP. But they never meet your requirements 100% or they can‘t be customized as per your business needs. That‘s when companies approach us. We have developed custom applications for VoIP clients that are tailor-made for them. Client may have to wait for couple of weeks or months depending on the size of project, but at the end they will get platform that is niche, unique, stable, scalable and custom developed for their business and offers features that no other solution offers.

System Integration

System Integration

We have worked on projects that integrates API‘s from many vendors, does LCR (least cost routing) dynamically and integrates seamlessly with existing system (internal and external)
We have strong technical experience to integrate API‘s in JSON, REST or XML from systems across technologies.
We have also done system integration with flat files for older systems.
We have developed systems that integrate API‘s from multiple vendors on one side, provides further API‘s to resellers or distributors or customers. These platforms are also integrated with payment gateways or payment systems, other internal and external systems.

  • Finally the integrated platform can be accessed using web POS, Mobile applications, API‘s, web portals or Kiosks (POS).
  • Connect seamlessly with platforms across all technologies
  • Work seamlessly with internal and external systems
  • Does billing for customers or resellers
  • Automatically does commissioning for multiple-levels of resellers or distributor or agent
  • LCR (Least cost routing): Automatically selects vendor that provides best discount or best offer to end customer
  • Detailed reporting on transactions, profit and loss, usage, commissions, resellers etc.
  • Add/update settings of vendor, customer, reseller or distributor
  • These platforms works on B2B, B2C, or B2B2C models
Voip Consulting


Our clientele includes some of the big names of VoIP industries. We have worked with companies ranging from start-ups to big companies with turnover of USD 200+ million. We have seen worked with companies who have grown from start-ups to mid-size in span of 2 years.
We have gained immense knowledge of VoIP domain and the best practices followed not only for technology but also for VoIP sales and operations.
If you are already a VoIP company, we can support and enhance your VoIP platforms and architecture. If you are new to VoIP, we can provide you turnkey VoIP solutions to kick-start your VoIP business ASAP.
After understanding your business goals, market and your budget, we will work closely with you in vendor selection process, setting up SLA‘s with vendors, technology selection, data center setup, web and mobile platforms, system integration and finally supporting the systems.
In few cases, we may have the platform readily available with us or we can customize the platform as per your business needs.
There are 100‘s of vendors that sell VoIP solutions. Don‘t fall to their sales pitch. There are high chances we have worked on their solutions in one project or other and know their strengths and limitations. Consult us and we shall give you un-biased reviews about them!

Contact us today and hire us as your consultant and later as your IT development and support team!

Why work with JPC Technologies for your VoIP requirements:

  • We speak the same language. We know VoIP domain and VoIP business. That‘s right! You don‘t have to spend hours and days documenting or explaining us your requirements. Just tell us your business goal and we will do the rest for you!
  • JPC Technologies have worked with several world-renowned VoIP companies, from startup to big players, and have successfully delivered VoIP projects
  • Un-biased reviews on VoIP vendors. There are 100‘s of vendors that sell VoIP solutions. Don‘t fall to their sales pitch. There are high chances we have worked on their solutions in one project or other and know their strengths and limitations. Consult us and we shall give you un-biased reviews about them!
  • Successful past record of delivering VoIP platforms, VoIP web portals, Enterprise applications for VoIP companies, Mobile applications and many more!
  • Benefit from our experience and our mistakes! – We have had our learning curve in developing VoIP platforms and applications, in few cases we failed and re-worked to get it right. Rather than re-inventing the wheel you can benefit from our experience!

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