Snoeidekanker Application

Business Goal

  • The Snoeidekanker application is basically an automated solution of order management for the Truck drivers.
  • We developed application which send automate addresses to teams (only one address at the time) and built in control on time, near of addresses done per team day/week and readability control by keeping track of daily /weekly kilo’s pruned.
  • This application optimize routes by minimizing as much as possible the travel time of teams between 2 addresses. We did Geo optimization of teams.





google map distance matrix

google map distance matrix





Automated solution of pick-up management with more than 100+ trucks and 100+ daily customer visits

Functional requirements

Admin panel for Admin, Manager and Dispatcher

  • We provided automated solution for the order management
  • Team distribution manage through Geo optimization
  • Protected cloud based dashboard with team stats and general stats for Admin
  • Developed team management dashboard for any date range
  • Provided complete log history for the manager and admin
  • Graphical representation for the team’s day/week/month based on Kg, meters and complete orders

Android App

  • We developed an Android App for Push text message to cell phone of team
  • App will receive the status code from Truck driver and assign next client address.
  • Only one address will send at a time will be released.

Technical architecture

  • Developed Admin panel & Website with PHP and MySQL as backend.
  • Developed Android app for Push text message to cell phone of team. We developed algorithm that only one address at a time will be released.
  • Once team will receive one address and finish the work then automatically they receive next nearby address to their cell phones.

Platform does route optimization with geolocation google services which interacts with truck driver using SMS (2-directional). Detailed statistics of daily pick-up performance of each truck/team.

Project Delivery

February 2016 to June 2014

  • Complete automated system for the order management
  • We optimize the route between 2 addresses; we implemented geo optimization of teams to assign the order addresses.
  • An intuitive UI for managers, dispatchers and main admin to manage dif1ferent responsibilities based on the hierarchy.
  • Complete graphical representation for the team’s statistics for day/week/month.
  • Highly functional Team management module which provides tentative and actual order assignment planning for the team in future and past days.
  • Facility to push message manually and also track the logs of each activity.
  • Android application which will send next addresses in fraction of time to team
  • Automated service which runs every 5 minutes to check the team’s status and assign next order accordingly.
  • Website where client can enter their details by them self and has the ability to select dates as per convenience.

QA testing and UAT (User acceptance testing)

june 2014

Website, Admin panel and Android app has successfully run through manual testing by JPC’s in-house testers

Post-launch support and maintenance:

The Snoeidekanker application is currently working on live and managing more than 100 orders per day with 12 to 15 teams. Complete process running smooth and all teams getting order addresses based on their geo location. We are providing our complete support to client’s for any order assignment issue.


Tags: route optimization service  geo-optimization  automated solution  order management service  PHP  Android  automated solutions of order  Snoeidekanker 

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