e-Services for Sharjah government

Business Goal

  • Automate the process of issuing ownership certificate to property owners, payment of property taxes, bank mortgage contract creation
  • Adding critical e-Services for property owners, banks and brokers of Sharjah, to existing official web portal of Sharjah Real Estate Department
  • Make the properties easily searchable through web and mobile app for sale or rent
  • Developing Mobile app for Android and iOS with m-Services


.Net Framework 4.5


SQL Server 2008









e-services module for real estate department of Sharjah for brokers, banks, property owners, and automate the bank mortgage contract.

Functional requirements

We met Sharjah representative along with our local Dubai based partner several times to work and finalize the project requirements


  • Develop e-Services module (in 2 languages: English and Arabic) for brokers, banks and property owners of Sharjah region and integrate with existing CMS portal of Sharjah Real Estate Department
  • Convert existing web portal to responsive or mobile friendly
  • Automate the flow of bank mortgage contract creation and approval


  • Develop cross-platform HTML5 based mobile app for iOS and Android (in 2 languages: English and Arabic)
  • Mobile app will have all the e-Services as listed in Web module
  • Property owner (Individual and company) registration and company registration
  • Property owners can directly register online and avail ownership certificates and pay property taxes online
  • Broker registration and login</li>
  • Bank Manager registration and login
  • Bank representatives registration and login
  • Create mortgage contract and approval workflow for bank admin
  • Brokers can login and display property ads online
  • Mortgage reports
  • Trade reports
  • Convert existing web portal to responsive or mobile friendly
  • Develop cross-platform HTML5 based mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Mobile app to have design as per the standards of Sharjah real estate department
  • Mobile app will have all the e-Services as listed in Web module

Technical architecture

  • For eService module we opted for 3 tier architecture of .Net framework
  • We also sketched an architecture to integrate the new e-Services modules with existing CMS
  • For cross-platform mobile app we opted for Phonegap framework
  • After studying the existing CMS and HTML/CSS, we brain-stormed a very plug-n-play approach to convert existing design to responsive HTML5/CSS3 without impacting other modules of existing web site

Web & Mobile application successfully passed automated testing of TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority)
– U.A.E government

Project Delivery

May 2015 - January 2016

  • Added module for e-services for Property owners, Banks and broker
  • Converted the existing portal and new e-services module to mobile friendly HTML5/CSS3 responsive design
  • Developed cross-platform mobile app in Android and iOS with m-Services
  • eServices module is be available in 2 languages: English and Arabic
  • Registered users can request ownership certificate addressed to a specific department and print it online; Serial number will be given to this Certificate for referral use.
  • The website will generate a unique number for each requested ownership certificate. This unique reference number will be used by SRE admin to name the certificate.
  • The certificate will be generated by the existing system and saved in the server by SRE admin and the path will be linked with the front end module
  • The mortgage contract can be requested through attaching the authorization letter as well as official letter from the bank which includes some basic information like name, address, number of area estate etc.
  • mCommerce facility provided for the brokers.
  • We implemented trade report with the filters of weekly, Monthly & yearly based upon District or type of use
  • We implemented mortgage report facility by just entering only the emirates id.
  • Brokers can register and login to list their properties
  • Properties can be listed and searched based on area, usage type, and price range.

QA testing and UAT (User acceptance testing)

February 2016 – May 2016

New eServices module and mobile app went through rigorous testing by our QA team. Our QA team did several unit testing, integration testing, load testing and performance testing.

Entire web portal and mobile app also went through TRA automated testing (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) – U.A.E government

Post-launch support and maintenance:

Team JPC Technologies provided complete support till all the QA tests and UAT were successfully passed. We provided all the manuals and instructions to push the web code, database for production. We have signed AMC with client to solve any technical issue arising from modules developed by you.


Tags: Automation   eServices   mServices   cross-platform   cordova   Microsoft  bank  Oracle  Sharjah Government project  asp.net  real estate  Oracle  mcommerce service  app for brokers 

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