B2B TopUP Application (Enterprise App)

This enterprise web application is developed for VoIP telecom client. The system developed will integrate with big TopUp vendors through API calls. We have a developed API’s that are given to resellers/customers for TopUP.

  • Automatic Customer SKU’s mapping to Vendor SKU’s
  • Supports Fixed RTR, Variable RTR, PIN based recharge. RTR = Real Time Recharge
  • TopUP global mobile numbers
  • When Customer sends us API call with SKU, system will identify related vendors SKU’s
  • Application will run LCR (Least Cost Routing) algorithm to identify which vendor is offering us best TopUP rates. This includes several factors such as Exchange Rate, Discount and Priority
  • Back to Back API calls, Seamless integration between Customer and Vendor API calls
  • Admin panel includes facilities to add vendor, vendor SKU, customer, customer SKU, define discount levels at vendor side, commission structure at customer side
  • Daily and total credit limit options for customers
  • Profit statement reporting

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