We are located in a mid-size city of India (West Zone). We are proud to be possessing a high-tech, employee friendly, and secured office premises in one of most renowned commercial complex, centrally located in city.

The office premises is 100% owned by JPC Technologies

  • State-of-art IT office that provides best in class environment for our employees
  • Office premises are monitored 24x7 by CCTV security cameras
  • Office premise is restricted only to company employees.
  • Card based access control. Entry and Exit of each employee is logged
  • 4 Mbps fiber optic based leased line serves as the network backbone for our company and fulfills our bandwidth requirement
  • Dedicated server room with Linux/Windows servers
  • UPS backup that ensures 24x7 electricity supply to our server and computers/laptop
  • All the computers, laptops and mobile devices are connected to internet via firewall
  • Any upload, download or browsing is logged for maintaining data integrity

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